Warm Site Use Case – Disaster Recovery

Warm Site Use Case – Disaster Recovery 150 150 CloudGovCo

There is a use case for a warm site if your organization can withstand a short business interruption from several days to a week. This is the time it will take to make the site fully operational, establish connectivity and transport and ingest data backups.

The warm site should have sufficient distance from the main site to have separate earthquake zones, power grids, water supplies, telephone central offices, etc. A rule of thumb is 50 miles minimum separation.

Using the Cloud

The cloud could serve as a warm site if you can meet several requirements:

  • A means of transferring large volumes of backup data to the cloud
  • A plan for client desktops to gain access, log on and authenticate

This is the best case for disaster recovery in the cloud, and we will explore this hybrid-cloud pattern more in other modules.

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