Using the Cloud as a Warm DR Site

Using the Cloud as a Warm DR Site 150 150 CloudGovCo

To keep your business running you have a disaster recovery (DR) plan, right?. The cloud can provide DR but as we’ve discussed it doesn’t make sense to have a hot DR site in the cloud. If you have a hot site, well, in effect you have already migrated to the cloud. If you use architectural designs with resilience (auto-healing) and high availability (HA) you will have enough DR built in to satisfy most requirements. So a hot site doesn’t make sense.

The cloud can serve as a warm site. This would apply for workloads that you’re normally reluctant to put in the cloud – for whatever reason – but you need DR and you can live with using the cloud for a short period.

The attraction is that you could have a tiny footprint in the cloud, maintaining your presence, and use templates and scripts (e.g., AWS Cloud Formation) to rapidly spin up live production environments in an emergency.

To do this you will need:

  • Well architected solutions with security, privacy, HA and DR built in. Ideally these solutions will run in containers on Kubernetes clusters.
  • Licence models allowing software to run in the cloud.
  • A means of transferring large volumes of backup data to the cloud. This should use immutable snapshots.
  • A plan for client desktops to gain access, log on and authenticate.