Privacy/Data Protection Ensures Security

Privacy/Data Protection Ensures Security 150 150 CloudGovCo

The Five Eyes intelligence agencies are it it again, MacDailNews reports MI5 is trying to get politicians to break encryption and  #PrivacyProtection. Their demand is that the government must be able to read everything you do to keep you secure. Say What?

Back doors in #encryption will give criminals access to our bank accounts and more. Apple CEO Tim Cook says.

There have been people that suggest that we should have a back door. But the reality is if you put a backdoor in, that backdoor’s for everybody, for good guys and bad guys.

The mainstream press plays along, casting the discussion as a spectrum from privacy to security. It’s not. Privacy and data protection provide security. The alternative is pervasive surveillance in dictatorships such as China. Learn about security threats to your well being and what to do with our free security awareness training.