Optimize Cloud Storage Costs

Optimize Cloud Storage Costs 150 150 CloudGovCo

Previously we’ve mentioned the impact of data-transfer costs on #Cloud solutions. Overall you should review storage solutions based on durability, availability, security, functional requirements and government and regulatory requirements.

* Use locally attached, ephemeral storage on elastic compute instances for non-persistent data.

* Increase storage only when needed. Do not over-provision.

* Review and eliminate unused object storage.

* Identify unattached block-storage volumes, and delete them.

* Review storage classes used based on level of durability, availability and cost.

* Review version control policies for cost effects.

* Use lifecycle policies to migrate data to archival storage at reduced cost with careful consideration of retrieval processes and cost.

* Use Reduced Redundancy Storage for less cost, where possible.

* Explore CSP pricing plans that could even out bursts in storage.

* Review costs for data requests and data retrieval.

* Review data transfer costs and optimise the architecture.

* Review management and replication costs.