Mad Scientists & Herd Immunity

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2020-10-16 Forgive my anger but Covid is bad enough without a bunch of self-important epidemiologists and public health scientists issuing the Great Barringto Declaration calling for herd immunity.

They argue vulnerable people should be isolated for six months like medieval anchorites while everyone else is left to get sick and some to die. Eventually we will have herd immunity and Covid will burn itself out like the flu. This is the argument used by populists like Donald Trump and Rishi Sunak who say we must “learn to live” with the virus “and live without fear”,

Oh. Wait. There is no global immunity to the flu.

[Technical Note: the flu is an influenza virus and Covid-19 is a Coronavirus like SARS and MERS.]

Before I go on against this madness, Neil O’Brien, writing in the UK right-wing newspaper The Telegraph, has crunched the numbers and shown how utter imbecilic this is.

The Declaration gives no hint of how we might push food through the letterbox for these Covid anchorites, or what happens if herd immunity is not achieved in six months or people get re-infected.

The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), where the declaration was signed, is a libertarian think-tank committed to “pure freedom” and wanting to see the “role of government … sharply confined”.

Don’t get infected yourself by fake science like this. Push back when you encounter people who believe this stuff.