Kill That PowerPoint

Kill That PowerPoint 150 150 CloudGovCo

Instead of a multi-slide presentation on your next #cloud project, use a briefing note with six simple paragraphs:

  1. The Challenge. This defines “where we are now” and is always either a problem or an opportunity. Don’t be afraid to state problems, it’s not ideal to hide everything under the MBA-speak “opportunity”, so differentiate between problems and true opportunities.
  2. The Undesired Outcome. This defines “where we don’t want to be”–what will happen if the problem or opportunity is not addressed. You can also think of this as the opportunity cost if we spend the money on something else.
  3. The Desired Outcome. This defines “where we do want to be,” which should obviously be better than the undesired outcome or the status quo.
  4. The Proposed Solution. This defines what must be done to avoid the undesired outcome and achieve the desired one.
  5. The Risk Remover. This explains in simple terms why the proposed solution is likely to succeed and unlikely to fail. (This is not a risk impact analysis.)
  6. The Call to Action. This tells the reader the specific decision you want made that will put the solution into motion to achieve the desired outcome.