Hot Site Use Case – Disaster Recovery

Hot Site Use Case – Disaster Recovery 150 150 CloudGovCo

There is a use case for a hot site where a solution must be available 24/7 with a fail over of just several hours.

The reason for the short delay is that a hot site is vulnerable to the same ransomware and other attacks as the main site. For protection, a hot site should be offline from the network of the main site except for controlled windows for data synchronization. For additional protection, data should be synchronized to offline storage before it is brought online.

This is why fail over could take several hours. In a ransomware attack you do not want to fail over in real time to a backup site that has also been infected.

Using the Cloud

The cloud could serve as a hot site in a hybrid cloud arrangement. But why would you do this?

It is better to design a high availability solution in the cloud in the first place and move the business there completely. Protection against security threats like ransomware would be provided by network design and a robust protocol for data backup and restore.

So we will not consider this further.