EC-01 150 150 CloudGovCo
  • Uses Agile and scales it vertically to management and horizontally across the organization.
  • Puts a single manager in charge of combined Agile and DevOps.
  • Develops and tracks Key Performance Indicators that express customer-related performance targets in clear and quantifiable terms.
  • Develops and tracks Key Performance Indicators for defects and rework.
  • Maintains realistic schedules and constant work weeks of 35-40 hours.
  • Only uses overtime tactically near deadlines.
  • Uses small cross-functional teams of 4-8 people in a shared space.
  • Gives ≥50 square feet per person.
  • Develops and maintains an IT Strategy with a vision for cloud adoption.
  • Ensures service management supports the most effective way to align and prioritize cloud activities and investments with the overall strategic business strategy.
  • Ensures long-term cost reduction tactics are in place, such as: quality management; resource management; leveraging metrics; and continuous process improvement.