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Risk Management Workshop

Risk Management Workshop 1024 647 CloudGovCo

This intensive one-day workshop introduces project managers to the principles and practice of project risk management in 18 modules. It demonstrates the application of formal risk management, encourages integration of risk management into project management and illustrates the benefits.

In-class exercises provide practice in applying risk management to real-world situations, with an emphasis on cloud-computing risks.

At the end of this workshop you will feel confident in leading risk management on enterprise projects.

Topics covered are:

  • Introduction to Risk Management
    • Definition of “risk”
    • Common causes of risk
    • Key steps in risk management
  • Risk Management Process
    • Identify
    • Analyse
    • Plan
    • Track
  • Risk Identification
    • Search for risks
    • State the risk in a standard syntax
    • Document the risk description
  • Risk Analysis
    • Classify the risk
    • Merge similar risks
    • Assess the value
    • Prioritize risks
  • Risk Action Planning
    • Select risks for action
    • Identify mitigation approach
    • Develop mitigation actions
    • Outline contingency plan