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Executive Seminar on Cloud Governance

Executive Seminar on Cloud Governance 1024 683 CloudGovCo

Catching the Wave is an overview for executives of cloud governance and accountability in cloud projects. Over the course of half a day you will gain an understanding of the extraordinary wave of change brought about by ‘the world as software code’, which threatens to overwhelm our capacity to guide technology.

To manage this business transformation, we provide you with the tools and conceptual framework to drive this organizational change. In 12 modules you will review the basic cloud types and deployment models, and the benefits of the cloud. You will learn a comprehensive governance and accountability framework for the cloud based on the five principles of alignment, value delivery, resource management, risk management and performance management. Finally, we present a high-level roadmap for implementing a governance framework.

Take-aways include an eBook presenting a  Cloud Governance Framework.

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Course Materials

Cloud Governance Framework in PDF format