Cloud Centre of Excellence

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The cloud is more complex than IT on premises. Employees must be more knowledgeable and skilled.

Learn how to setup a cloud centre of excellence (CCoE) to manage a knowledge-base and assist your organization in maturing its cloud capabilities. A CCoE defines a common set of best practices and work standards. It assesses your organization’s maturity profile against these best practices and work standards. It provides guidance and support, tools and templates and training in implementing these best practices and work standards.

Without a CCoE cloud adoption will be haphazard, uncoordinated, slow, and will not deliver long-term benefits or digital transformation. Think of a CCoE as a type of portfolio management for assigning human and budget resources to cloud development.

This tutorial covers six steps with more than 30 micro-learning topics in developing an organizational wide cloud centre of excellence.

  1. Understand the CCoE
  2. Form the CCoE Team
  3. Operationalize the CCoE
  4. Evangelize the CCoE
  5. Measure CCoE Success
  6. Scale the CCoE
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