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Applying Cloud Governance Principles

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Applying Cloud Governance Principles presents an oversight framework for the IT cloud based on five basic governance principles, and Agile and Lean practices.

The framework is based on best industry practices, and is mature with >60 checklists to ensure a practical and effective governance process. It will be challenging to adopt in organizations wedded to linear thinking and/or a classical waterfall environment for projects. Adopting the framework will enable digital transformation.

Assessment phase

Interactive table for the assessment phase

Showing a drop-down checklist

Interactive table showing a drop-down checklist


To enable digital transformation, module 7 uses the cloud life cycle to organize the governance checklists for easy look-up during daily work. A worker can navigate to an activity and find the related checklists. Checklists such as CL-04 are displayed in drop-down fashion and can be printed if desired. Module 7 includes GDPR checklists.

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