Cloud Centre of Excellence
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The cloud is more complex than IT on premises. Employees must be more knowledgeable and skilled.

Learn how to setup a cloud centre of excellence (CCoE) to manage a knowledge-base and assist your organization in maturing its cloud capabilities. A CCoE defines a common set of best practices and work standards. It assesses your organization’s maturity profile against these best practices and work standards. It provides guidance and support, tools and templates and training in implementing these best practices and work standards.

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Risk Management Workshop
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This intensive one-day workshop introduces project managers to the principles and practice of project risk management in 18 modules. It demonstrates the application of formal risk management, encourages integration of risk management into project management and illustrates the benefits.

In-class exercises provide practice in applying risk management to real-world situations, with an emphasis on cloud-computing risks.

At the end of this workshop you will feel confident in leading risk management on enterprise projects.

Topics covered are:

  • Introduction to Risk Management
    • Definition of “risk”
    • Common causes of risk
    • Key steps in risk management
  • Risk Management Process
    • Identify
    • Analyse
    • Plan
    • Track
  • Risk Identification
    • Search for risks
    • State the risk in a standard syntax
    • Document the risk description
  • Risk Analysis
    • Classify the risk
    • Merge similar risks
    • Assess the value
    • Prioritize risks
  • Risk Action Planning
    • Select risks for action
    • Identify mitigation approach
    • Develop mitigation actions
    • Outline contingency plan
Strategic Direction Seminar
Strategic Direction Seminar 1024 683 CloudGovCo

To support your continued growth in the global market we provide executive-level technology consulting. Our thought leaders engage with your business and technology executives to formulate cloud strategies that support digital transformation and the creation of complex hybrid and cloud native environments.

Our strategic services encompass strategic advice, governance, architecture, cost control, roadmap creation, assessment, migration, process transformation, cloud native development and the operation of hybrid IT and multi-cloud platforms.

  • Lead executive-level strategy and envisioning sessions.
  • Formulate a cloud strategy that will achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Work with you to describe a cloud journey having a focus on real business value.
  • Help your cloud teams navigate complex transformational journeys to deliver a rich value stream.
  • Guide your technology approach across the IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Digital Platform and Cloud Native landscape.
cost control
Cost Control Workshop
Cost Control Workshop 1024 717 CloudGovCo

Cloud costs have a major impact on operational spending. Cost control is the #1 issue with cloud spending. In this workshop we bring together technical managers and developers to understand where costs go, and how they escalate. Working together they will learn how to manage cost elements and apply the techniques of cost control in the cloud. This workshop can be delivered on site.

Areas covered are:

  • Cost challenge
  • Introduction to cost optimization
  • Charge back models
  • Review cloud spending
  • Optimize compute
  • Optimize storage
  • Optimize data transfer
  • Use triggers
  • Service catalogue
  • Evaluate design decisions

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Executive Seminar on Cloud Governance
Executive Seminar on Cloud Governance 1024 683 CloudGovCo

Catching the Wave is an overview for executives of cloud governance and accountability in cloud projects. Over the course of half a day you will gain an understanding of the extraordinary wave of change brought about by ‘the world as software code’, which threatens to overwhelm our capacity to guide technology.

To manage this business transformation, we provide you with the tools and conceptual framework to drive this organizational change. In 12 modules you will review the basic cloud types and deployment models, and the benefits of the cloud. You will learn a comprehensive governance and accountability framework for the cloud based on the five principles of alignment, value delivery, resource management, risk management and performance management. Finally, we present a high-level roadmap for implementing a governance framework.

Take-aways include an eBook presenting a  Cloud Governance Framework.

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