General experience to build skills and increase cloud knowledge and understanding

Cloud Centre of Excellence
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The cloud is more complex than IT on premises. Employees must be more knowledgeable and skilled.

Learn how to setup a cloud centre of excellence (CCoE) to manage a knowledge-base and assist your organization in maturing its cloud capabilities. A CCoE defines a common set of best practices and work standards. It assesses your organization’s maturity profile against these best practices and work standards. It provides guidance and support, tools and templates and training in implementing these best practices and work standards.

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Security Awareness
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Much is said about cloud security but one of the leading causes of data breaches is insider risk or internal negligence due to poor training in security awareness.

Educating and instructing staff on the proper security awareness practices will reduce the risk of cyberattacks or data leaks. Security awareness training can reduce your risk more than just the use of modern cloud security software and best security practices.

This in-depth course with more than 60 topics is one of the most complete around.

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Cloud Funding Model
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Organizations face a financial challenge in funding cloud projects: how do we get from a funding model that uses capital expenditures (CapX) to one that uses operational expenses (OpX). IT projects were always long-term capital investments, usually based on a 10-year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) financial analysis; whereas cloud services are recurring subscriptions taxed as an operational expense. The cloud service life cycle is more like three years than 10.

Capital investments are for purchasing assets. For tax purposes, they are depreciated over a period of years. However, cloud subscriptions are taxed in the year incurred as an operational expense paid out of the annual budget. Operational expenses can be fixed, like rent, or variable. Cloud services are a variable expense based on usage. How do you manage this?

Cloud funding model describes how to transition from a CapX model for IT to a sustainable OpX model for cloud subscriptions.

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Choosing the Right Cloud
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Choosing the right cloud type and cloud deployment model starts with categorization of data based on business value and the assignment of an appropriate Security Control Profile. Only then can you choose the right Cloud Service Model for deployment.

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Super Businesswoman
Developing a Cloud Business Case
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Writing a cloud business case can be difficult. Many organizations want to see a 10-year TCO comparison with the equivalent on-premises infrastructure. This ignores the fundamental difference between one-time capital expenditures for depreciated physical assets and ongoing operational expenses for annual subscriptions.

Cloud services are also evolving constantly, so anything longer than three years is fiction. After three years you will be forced to use a constant cost or one that increases with inflation; whereas real cloud prices could be going down. Fiction.

Conversely, while using the cloud is usually gross less expensive it can be net more expensive over the longer term. This is because of the loss of tax advantage in depreciation. For this reason, on larger cloud projects, you may still need a 10-year TCO and the services of an accountant to help with the calculations.

Learn how to manage these issues and others in an effective business case that demonstrates business value. A business case should be as succinct as possible, so don’t feel that you need to include every topic described in this course.

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Digital Transformation
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The cloud, along with mobile, is central to digital transformation but it is not easy to change large organizations. Discover how to overcome challenges in cost management; security; project management; and how to plan for success and drive cultural change.

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cloud project gates
Cloud Project Management
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This course assumes you have some general project management knowledge. The first half provides background on digital transformation and how this provides context for large or enterprise cloud projects. The second half uses the cloud life cycle to show how to control project gating more efficiently.
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tools of financial management
Financial Management
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At the concept stage of a cloud project it is usual to do a preliminary cost-benefit analysis (CBA) to assess the feasibility of the proposal.

Procuring cloud services requires an understanding of the unique nature of the cloud and cost control compared to the purchase of classical information technology.

Critical success factors (CSF) in implementing governance, and especially in the transition to cloud, are transparency and tracking of cost, desired benefits and performance related to the desired outcome.

A periodic review of cloud governance should verify that policies and procedures exist to ensure that a cloud solution has a return on investment and contributes to cost containment (including chargeback), continuous cost optimization, and relevant cost controls for managing usage and billing.

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