Cold Site Use Case – Disaster Recovery

Cold Site Use Case – Disaster Recovery 150 150 CloudGovCo

It is difficult to imagine the use case for a cold site. It assumes you can access the main site, remove the servers, transport them to the alternate site and establish connectivity. Unless you have servers somewhere else that you can requisition it could easily take six months to purchase equipment. Few organizations can survive a business interruption longer than a week.

Use the Cloud

The cloud could serve as a cold site if you can meet several requirements:

  • A blueprint to build and test the required solutions
  • A means of transferring large volumes of backup data to the cloud
  • A plan for client desktops to access, log on and authenticate

There might be some edge cases where this is feasible, perhaps for a small business, but in general it is hard to imagine where this would be a feasible business strategy.

Even if you can rebuild from scratch in the cloud, transferring large amounts of data is a logistical problem that might require using time-consuming solutions like the AWS Snowball appliance.

An Edge Case

There is one situation where this case might apply. Suppose you do not have a disaster-recovery plan but you do have a good backup policy. Then you lose a data centre. You could rebuild as rapidly as possible in the cloud.

We will discuss this later in more detail as an accidental disaster-recovery plan.