Canada Releases Covid App

Canada Releases Covid App 150 150 CloudGovCo

July 31 the Government of Canada released “Covid Alert”, a smartphone app to trace Covid contacts. The app is available for Apple and Android. It uses the Apple-Google API and Bluetooth to anonymously track phones that have been near you. It stores the data on your phone for 14 days By design it does not track location data, so it doesn’t know where you’ve been.

Initially only Ontario has integrated the app into its health system. This is one of the barriers to success in a federal system, where the provinces have control over health. The extreme case has been shown in the USA.

The app works like this: If you test positive for Covid, the health department gives you a code. You enter the code in your app, and then the app looks up your Bluetooth contacts in the last 14 days and then sends them a request to go get tested.

Covid in Canada August 2020

Covid in Canada August 03 2020

Covid continues to trundle along in Canada. After some success by the end of June we failed to close the barn door. As restrictions were loosened the general level of community infection is worrisome, especially for those in high-risk categories.

Covid has roared back in many places around the world, showing the futility of whack-a-mole mitigation strategies. Waiting for a vaccine is futile. The best strategy is Zero Covid, seeking to eradicate the virus, as New Zealand is doing. The goal in Zero Covid is a seven day rolling average of one new case per million population per day.

Not only New Zealand, but also Australia (which recently fumbled the ball), China, Iceland, Lesotho, Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Faroe Islands, and countries in east Asia are pursuing an elimination approach. This requires control over travel, and testing and quarantine of visitors.