Canada Recklessly Exits Covid

Canada Recklessly Exits Covid 150 150 CloudGovCo

May 22 — Canada is exiting Covid without a clear sense of direction, according to the CBC today. “Canada is emerging from months of lockdown, but key questions remain unanswered about where Canadians are getting infected with COVID-19 and why case levels remain high in our hardest-hit provinces.”

Although testing and contact tracing are essential, the Toronto Star reports ” the provinces and territories combined are testing fewer than 30,000 Canadians every day — less than half the available testing capacity that chief public health officer Theresa Tam has said should be the target.”

This week May 20 I said Canada, USA and UK “were forced into a mitigation strategy because their initial response was weak and slow. Now they are united in easing out of lockdown before testing and contact tracing are fully in place, and they risk a long and painful recovery.”

Writing in Project Syndicate, Robert Skidelsky says these and like countries are unofficially following herd immunity in order to “save the economy”.,

“Doing this, however, lifts the cap on non-exposure gained from the lockdown. That is why no government has an explicit exit strategy: what political leaders call the “controlled easing” of lockdowns actually means controlled progress toward herd immunity. Governments cannot openly avow this, because that would amount to admitting that herd immunity is the objective. And it is not yet even known whether and for how long infection confers immunity. Much better, then, to pursue this goal silently, under a cloud of obfuscation, and hope that a vaccine arrives before most of the population is infected.”

The problem with this is that herd immunity requires somewhere between 60 and 80% of the population to get Covid, According to John Hopkins University this morning, Canada has reported 82,750 confirmed cases. These are people who presented to a medical service.

With a population of 37.59 million, these confirmed cases are only 0.0022%. So you can see why organic herd immunity is magical thinking. The only way polio and (almost) smallpox were beaten was with vast vaccination programs.