Authors Guide

Please contact us if you would like to author a course or develop a workshop.

You will probably find it easier to develop your content in word processing or slides, and then transform it to our Learning Management System (LMS). That’s what we do. If you wish you can use our  LMS directly but it has a learning curve and it’s awkward to move content from one section to another when you’re still playing around with the content structure.

Our general terms and conditions are below but we’re open to negotiation.

  • We promote you as a subject-matter expert:
    • Your name is shown on the course as the author
    • Your biography is listed on our Peoples page identifying you as a Course or Workshop Leader
  • You set the price:
    • Subject to reasonable discussion
    • You can give promo coupons if you wish
    • We host for 30% of revenues
    • We provide a monthly report and remittance (you also have independent access to the Dashboard)
  • You decide the purchase model:
    • Free
    • One time
    • Subscription (recurring)
  • You maintain the course/workshop
    • Updates are free for your purchasers
  • Our general approach is topics for micro-learning; however:
    • You can use assignments and handouts
    • You can assign quizzes and completion certificates
  • We promote your course/workshop as we do our own
    • You can promote independently