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The cloud is a complex affair. Around 40% of organizations in the cloud come back out because they didn’t understand cost and security. The cloud requires continuous cost optimization; and there is no security perimeter in the cloud. Forty-four percent find environmental complexity is a barrier to implementing strong data security measures.

CloudGovCo is a group of consultants with hands-on experience in large cloud projects. We know how to control costs and apply security to the network.

Our goal is to guide you so that your cloud endeavours are successful.

To share our knowledge and expertise our services include:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Governance model and toolkit

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Strategic consulting

To support your continued growth in the global market we provide executive-level technology consulting. Our thought leaders engage with your business and technology executives to formulate cloud strategies that support digital transformation and the creation of complex hybrid and cloud native environments.

Our services encompass strategic advice, governance, architecture, roadmap creation, assessment, migration, process transformation, cloud native development and the operation of hybrid IT and multi-cloud platforms.

  • Lead executive-level strategy and envisioning sessions.
  • Formulate a cloud strategy that will achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Work with you to describe a cloud journey having a focus on real business value.
  • Help your cloud teams navigate complex transformational journeys to deliver a rich value stream.
  • Guide your technology approach across the IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Digital Platform and cloud native landscape.

Seminars & Workshops

Our on site seminars and workshops are excellent for building a common vision and drive for cloud success.

Governance model & toolkit

Our goal with the governance model and toolkit was to keep it light weight and easy to use to encourage agility in your cloud operations. It is symbiotic with business processes to increase value and avoid increased requirements. It reduces the risk inherent in today’s increased legal and regulatory scrutiny.

Our governance model is based on five basic IT principles used by auditors:

  • Alignment
  • Value delivery
  • Resource management
  • Risk management
  • Performance management

The toolkit provides a complete framework to manage your cloud operations successfully based on a cloud life-cycle model. It is hands-on and includes templates, tools, resources and audit checklists.