A Framework for Cloud Governance

A Framework for Cloud Governance 150 150 CloudGovCo

This week we are offering a free eBook on developing a governance framework for cloud computing. (Link at the end.)

Cloud computing is central to digital transformation. It enables organizations to procure their IT on-demand and as-a-service, scaling up and down as required. But cloud is complex and challenging. And services are often procured ad hoc with no oversight or synergy. This eBook presents an oversight framework for the IT cloud based on five basic governance principles, and Agile and Lean practices. It doesn’t recommend but does show how to use bimodal means to leverage existing processes and map cloud governance to classical IT project governance that uses phase gates. The framework is based on best industry practices, and is mature with >60 checklists to ensure a practical and effective governance process. It will be challenging to adopt in organizations wedded to linear thinking and/or a classical waterfall environment for projects. In many cases organizations will try to redefine new and better practices so they fit into existing models of processes and cultural behaviour. https://cloudgovco.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/cloudGovernanceFramework.pdf