CloudGovCo Newsletter 2019-04-12

CloudGovCo Newsletter 2019-04-12 150 150 CloudGovCo

In which we share what we’ve been reading

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Kubernetes in London

If you’re working with containers, there’s a strong chance you’re working with Kubernetes. And if you’re working with Kubernetes, you really should be joining us at Continuous Lifecycle next month.

This year’s programme – which once again takes place in central London – gives you the opportunity to get up and close and personal with key players in Kubernetes, and hands-on with essential tools and applications

Social Media

New Zealand’s top privacy official calls Facebook “morally bankrupt” after Christchurch massacre

John Edwards criticizes Facebook after mosque mass shooting, part of which was shared live on the social media site


Experts warn about the dangerous new superbug Candida auris

The CDC says there have been 587 confirmed cases of this efficient and virulent infection in the United States

There’s a dark side to women’s health apps: ‘Menstrual surveillance’

Employers and health insurers are using family-planning apps to gather intimate information about your fertility, menstrual cycle and pregnancy


There’s an economic price for rose-tinted policies in America and Britain

Brexit has already damaged the UK economy just as Trump and the GOP’s attacks on the ACA will damage our economy


The Future of Forms

What our bureaucratic paperwork reveals, and what tomorrow’s forms might look like

Big Telecom companies are suppressing fast internet

The telecom industry doesn’t want your internet to be good. Deregulation is making it worse. Here’s why

It’s alive! Hands on with Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser

You say Edgium, they say Chredge, we say Chrexplorer – let’s call the whole thing off

Hands-on: First public previews of Chromium-based Edge are now out

It’s out now for Windows 10, with other operating systems coming later.

UK government proposes sweeping new regulations of online content

Companies could face fines if they fail to take down content quickly.

3 signs you’re going overboard with cloud features

You use technology for a purpose, your purpose is never to use technology

Node.js vs. Java: An epic battle for developer mind share

Let’s examine how the enterprise stalwart and JavaScript upstart stack up in the battle for the server room

AI systems are biased, and cloud availability makes it worse

IT will have to be on the lookout for hidden biases and take action to minimize the harm

6 tips to get mega value from the new megamenu navigation for SharePoint

Megamenu navigation is coming to SharePoint Online communication sites in February. These tips will help you get started.


Well-funded surveillance operation infected both iOS and Android devices

Malware that stole contacts, audio, location and more was under development for years.

Airbnb guest found hidden surveillance camera by scanning Wi-Fi network

Airbnb initially didn’t ban offender despite rule against undisclosed cameras